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Yamanote Line Teiki

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Yamanote Line Teiki 2010/2/20 12:22 My kids have been using a Yamanote Line Teiki for the past six months from Takadanobaba to Tamachi. As those stations are far from each other they pay the maximum teiki amount (36,290 yen for six months).

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There's probably somewhere on the JR East site that lets you know, but perhaps
you can extrapolate from this: My monthly teiki costs (my ...

When I renew it I'm going to add more stations since it is the same price. Is there a way to make it so that they can use the entire Yamanote Line for six months for the same price? If so, what stations should I enter when I purchase the teiki?

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some example 2010/2/20 15:20 Teiki fare is determined by the distance of the TRACK

Enjoy the Wonders of Suica/Pasmo and Commuter Passes

15 Jul 2008 ... Thinking about buying a new laptop? got two grand on your ... TEIKI (定期) –
Commuter Pass ... You may purchase it for 1,3, or 6 months.

Takadanobaba-Tamachi(via Shinagawa): 36290yen
Takadanobaba-Tokyo(via Shinagawa): 46870yen
Takadanobaba-Mejiro(Yamanote line round teiki): 66530yen

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So, if your kids use a specific route frequently(ex. Takadanobaba - Shibuya - Shinagawa - Tokyo - Akihabara), just buy a teiki for that distance. I dont guess Yamanote line round teiki is meaningful for most people.

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22 May 2013 ... For my commute I use my commuter pass( teiki/ 定期). I usually buy a three month
pass and save quite a bit of money for my long commute.

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Max Headroom 2010/2/20 15:50 If you have a Suica or Pasmo smart card loaded with the pass, whenever you use it from time to time to go outside the normal route it will cost less than if paying cash. by Yamanote (guest) rate this post as useful

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pass: (Japanese) This site also includes ...

Re: 2010/2/20 19:03 Ikebukuro---(Takadanobaba-Shinjuku-Shibuya)---Tamachi 36,290yen
(30,050yen for college student
27,040yen Japanese High
21,030yen Japanese JrHigh) by xexstyle (guest) rate this post as useful

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If you don't speak Jpn, its still okay cauz you can buy it at pretty much any station.
There is usually a special machine for teiki's next to the ...

teikiken 2010/2/21 08:54 So it looks like I can get it up to Ikebukuro for no extra charge. Can I go farther than Ikebukuro for no extra charge? Where do you find the information for a price through a station? For instance, where can I find Sugamo - Tamachi (through Takadanobaba, Shibuya, etc.)?

My kids' school is an international school so JR won't give them a school discount.

Buy two teiki and save money, legal and perfect for budget ...

7 Sep 2009 ... Business weekly Shukan Diamond President has an article that explains how
you could potentially save around 9,000 yen a year by buying ...

Thanks all for your help.

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You can buy a prepaid fare card which you can use on trains, subways and ...
Those for students (Tsugaki Teiki) require a certificate from the school and/or a ...

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Japan Question Forum: Yamanote Line Teiki. ... for six months for the same price
? If so, what stations should I enter when I purchase the teiki?


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