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Updated Pictures Of My Silver Coin "Cache"


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Sep 2012
Bloomington Indiana
E-TRAC & TESORO GOLDEN SABRE II---ETRAC COILS :SEF 10x12, SEF 6x8, X-5, Detech 8" concentric, ,--- TESORO COILS- 12x10 TOOLS: Lesche, Profind 25, Garrett Propointer
444 times
All Types Of Treasure Hunting
Appreciate the patience...I know it can get really old really quick when you are ask the same thing over and over

Not a problem. I get asked the same questions many, many times in a row on my Youtube channel. Nearly identical questions, lined up in a row like little ducks.

I have shot all of my videos with Olympus Stylus Tough cameras. There have been several as I find a lot of them in the rivers and always upgrade to the newest model I find. That being said, I did just buy the newest one, an Olympus TG-1. I REALLY like it and it is superior to any other I have used by far.

And Sov... as far as the coins... "I found them at a river crossing. I figure someone on horseback or a wagon got swept over when the river was running high. They probably died or had to move on before the river went back down." That's my cut and paste answer. Not a problem to answer it again, but I sure am glad I figured out how to cut and paste that.

Ask away if you have any other questions...

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Notable coin finds for 2013:
(Total of 64 silver coins )
1909-S Lincoln 1854 Large Cent
1906-O Barber halves (2)
1935-D 1945 Walkers
1953-D Franklin
1904 1908-D Barber quarters
pre-1925 Standing Liberty
1934 1935-D 1942 1946 1953-D 1959-D Washingtons
1905-S 1906 1912-D 1914 Barber dimes
1909 1910 1906 190? V-nickels
30 Mercury dimes (several pre-1930)
15 Roosevelt dimes
5 40% silver nickels
25 Indian cents
10 Buffalo nickels
463 Wheat cents
1 GOLD & 15 silver rings

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