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Today’s Favorites – Vass-tacular!

  • Alex B

    Heck yeah! The problem with Vass is just…which one to choose? I mean, if you’re a normal mortal and can maybe stretch to one pair.

    I really shouldn’t be buying any shoes at all unless I want my children to starve, but I have to admit it’s been Vass above all others haunting me lately for that “big” shoe purchase!

    The Kielman MTM is on hold pending new leather choices. The John Lobb and Edward Green “bargains” have been rejected on the grounds that I wouldn’t have picked the colour or style in any other context. So as a similarly extravagant alternative for an ordinary man, should it be Vass?

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    Yes, I have actually added Crockett & Jones and Allen Edmonds to my modest selection in the last couple of weeks(pending delivery), but…if I were to get just one pair of shoes at the end of the month, if I’ve been really good?

    What would your recommendation be, Justin? :)

  • Justin FitzPatrick, "The Shoe Snob"

    Alex B – It’s funny, because when you say that “big” shoe purchase in reality Vass is quite inexpensive, especially for what you are getting. I think that they range from 400-500 Euros, not too much more than your average C&J benchgrade….

    Therefore, I would say go for it!!! I would love one of their U-last models….

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  • Alex B

    (“Big” for me!)

  • Justin FitzPatrick, "The Shoe Snob"

    where do you buy VASS shoes ? - Style Forum

    also how are CJ shoes compared to VASS ? I buy CJ for a ... i wouldn't buy shoes
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    Alex B – I guess that your C&J purchase must have been big too then…I understand, it would be big for me too! +Ł300 isn’t exactly lying around….not yet at least! Do let me know when you pull the trigger…


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  • Anonymous

    I have the same dilemma, which ones to choose? I’ve been thinking about theese:

    But as 420euros is a substantial sum of money for me I am worried about the fact that the double monk craze will soon end. Now I am not the guy who follows trends, but I am worrying that as hugely popular as they have been the past few years, their dowfall will be just as big…

  • Justin FitzPatrick, "The Shoe Snob"

    Anon – Well, those are beautiful! I say pull the trigger!

    I wouldn’t worry about the so called trend with double monks. While it might not be your average black cap toe, it still is a wonderfully classic shoe that will stand the test of time….go for it!

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  • Alex B

    I’m wrestling between adelaide and whole cut, or asking for something made to order…but I think it’s going to happen one way or another, and soon!

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    Re. monks: I’ve never had a pair until relatively recently when I picked up a Church’s “Becket” single monk in a sale. Apart from the general quality of the shoe, I have rather fallen for monks as a result: they’re as convenient as loafers (at least with the single hidden-elastic buckle), which for me is a bonus as where I live, I frequently go to places where I take my shoes off. But they’re so much smarter and I find the look of my monks with a three piece linen suit, absolutely great!

    I’m shortly expecting a double first though: my first pair of Allen Edmonds, and my first double monk. Oh, and another first for me, they’re blue. This monk thing, I think, is pretty cool.

    But, with the Vass, lovely as those are, I think maybe less is more for now. I’m going to try a plain toe something…

  • Justin FitzPatrick, "The Shoe Snob"

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    Alex B – I say go for the adelaide…. and wait for the wholecut from someone else, like maybe G&G…

    As far as monks go, I love them too, yet don’t even own one….waiting for the right one I guess. Nice to hear that you are getting blue shoes, that should be exciting. I shall await some photos!


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