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So Little, So Cute, Pygmy Marmoset! Also Known As Finger Monkey.

Pygmy Marmoset is scientist name, also known as finger monkey. It is new world monkey, member of Callitrichidae family, genus Cebuella. They are united into 2 groups:
1) Cebuella pygmaea pygmaea also known as Western pygmy marmoset
2) Cebuella pygmaea niveiventris known as Eastern pygmy marmoset

Monkeys are found in rain forests South American regions like Brazil, Peru, Bolivia Colombia and Ecuador. This is really on of the strangest species in the world; some people even keep it at home.

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Pygmy Marmoset

Name finger monkey is not accidental. It is the smallest monkey in the world and you can easily hold on your finger. Males weigh about 140 grams, females – 120 grams. Both genders can reach height of 16 cm. Because of size they are also known as mono de bolsillo meaning pocket monkey and leoncito – little lion. Their fur is combination of brownish-gold, grey and black colors. It’s under parts are yellow or orange. Monkeys have almond shaped, black eyes. They are adapted to live in a wild. Finger monkeys can rotate their head 180 degree; all of them have sharp nails that resemble claws and long tails that are responsible for balance. These smallest primates can live on the trees without efforts. They walk on 4 limbs. In a wild finger monkey’s diet ratio includes generally tree gums. (“Tree gum is a sap or other resinous material associated with certain species of the plant kingdom”) They also eat fruits, flowers and sometimes even small lizards.

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Minimum Cage size: You can have a relatively small cage for your marmoset as
long as they get time outside of the cage for exercise. The bigger the better as ...

Social Life

Pygmy Marmoset

finger monkeys create groups of 5-9 members in it. They live on one tree until food is enough. When food finishes, everyone starts to seek a new place to live. Groups include 5-9 members with 1 breeding female and 1 or two males. They usually are monogamous. Female pygmy marmosets are not seasonal breeders and can give a birth once or twice a year. Twin births occur 76% of the time, while single birth happens 16% and triple – 8%. Both parents take care of newborns. Females feed them, males carry babies on their backs and responsible for their safety.
Pygmy Marmoset

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Pygmy Marmosets is also known for its communication skills. They use vocal and physical signals. For short distance they trill, they use fast notes for longer distance.

Introducing Ninita - Our New Baby Pygmy Marmoset! - YouTube

Monkeys whistle when they want warn their families about danger. Structure of call changes when monkeys grow, group member especially pay attentions to their leader’s calls.

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Finger monkeys have large populations, so they are not at risk. The International Union for Conservation of Nature listed them as least concern species.

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26 Feb 2013 ... The scientific name for the finger monkey is pygmy marmoset and is grouped ...
When you are planning to buy one keep a budget of $1500 to ...

Pygmy Marmoset as pets

Pygmy Marmoset

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Due to their size da cuteness, these primates are often kept as pets, but it needs many efforts.
First of all, we must mention the price- finger monkeys are pretty expensive. You must consider 1500-5000 $ if you decide to buy them; and of course shipment fee is not included. Price generally, depends on age and physical conditions of finger monkeys. Some of them have 3 month health guarantee. Breeders suggest keeping 2 of them because; these monkeys are very sociable animals and prefer to live in groups.

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However, before buying this animal, we must check if it is legal in your country or state to keep them as pets. In wild finger monkeys live for 11-12 years, but if you take good care and keep them at home, primates can reach 20 years. People fall in love with these animals and in some countries breeders even create special training courses, where pet owners learn how to look after them.

Pygmy Marmosets - Top 10 Miniature Animals - TIME

3 Jan 2011 ... The pygmy marmoset is one of the world's smallest monkey breeds. ... Diagnosis,
and How the Disease WorksGet Healthy Stay Healthy by ...,28804,2040596_2040605_2040589,00.html

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