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Robot vacuum cleaner reviews


Robot Vacuum Cleaners

We review 18 robot vacuum cleaners, priced between $199 and $1299.

Through our rigorous testing, we reveal which robot vacuum cleaners:

  • perform the best at picking dirt off a hard floor, corners and edges
  • remove the most dirt and pet hair from carpet, and
  • are the least noisy.

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Can a robot vac replace my regular vacuum cleaner?

Few cleaning products have sparked as much interest as the robot vac. After all, it is the dream of any time-poor person to be able to sit down and relax while an artificially intelligent device cleans the house. 

Some owners even name their robots or dress them up in custom coverings. Unfortunately, despite sophisticated technology – navigation software, stair detection, cameras to detect dirt, and the ability to find their own way back to their charging station – robot vacuum cleaners are still comparatively poor at the most common job of a vacuum cleaner: removing dirt from carpet. They simply can’t generate the suction of a standard vacuum cleaner.

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However, our tests show that many robotic vacs are excellent at picking up dirt from a hard floor, and some are also excellent at picking up pet hair. So for homes with mostly hard floors, or pets that shed fur, a robot vac could be worthwhile.

Our recent tests differ from our 2012 results in a number of ways, which means the results cannot be combined. However, you can still find some of the 2012 robot vacuum cleaners in some retailers.

Most robot vacuum cleaners will leave the carpet looking clean, even when there is actually still a fair bit of dirt left behind. We found they can pick up a reasonable amount of fluff (such as pet hair) along with some dirt, but also seem to push the remaining dirt deeper into the carpet pile. Most people have no way of measuring the amount of dirt actually in their carpet, so when seeing the fluff and dirt in the robot’s bin, and the superficially clean carpet, you’d be easily convinced that the robot vacuum cleaner does a much better job than is actually the case.

Nevertheless, robot vacuum cleaners have their place. Most of the tested models are excellent at cleaning hard floors – though not always in the corners and edges – and found some that are excellent at picking up pet hair too.

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For a house with mostly hard floors, most of the tested robot vacuum cleaners will do a reasonable job of keeping the floors clean when run every day, though a more thorough cleaning with a standard vacuum (or a broom) will still be needed occasionally. Even in a home with carpeted floors, a robot vacuum cleaner can at least keep the carpet looking clean, but the carpet will need regular going over with a standard vac to get most of the dirt out.

Robotic vacuum cleaner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A robotic vacuum cleaner, often called a robovac, is an autonomous robotic
vacuum cleaner that has intelligent programming and a limited vacuum cleaning

Robot vacuums are very easy to use and we didn’t score them for this. However, some stopped once or twice during a cleaning cycle, possibly due to mistakenly thinking they had finished cleaning the area, and needed to be restarted manually.

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