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RHINO 2.5 M Knee Wraps

Product Description

It’s finally been done! After extensive research, testing of materials and feedback from competitive Powerlifters,  we have manufactured a SUPERIOR quality knee wrap that is unlike anything you’ve tried!

• Ridiculously comfortable!
• Absolutely no binding, pinching, slipping or flesh tears
• Unbelievable rebound!
• Incredible support!
• Amazing value!

Wrap your own knees? No problem. RHINO knee wraps are made from a dense and textured fabric that ensures a solid grip on the material. The result…they can be stretched to full spring-action capacity without an exhausted effort and they won't slip from your hands and unravel half way through the job. A heavy-duty constructed material that loads perfectly in the hole resulting in excellent rebound and huge PR’s!

RHINO knee wraps, hands-down are THE best wrap for your money!  If you are serious about big squats, you need to go RHINO!

Care: Handwash with mild detergent only.

Which knee wraps to buy (not sleeves) - Forums

I wanna buy knee wraps. It's become obvious that my knees can't take the load I
put them under. I possibly injured my left knee doing front ...

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raw haters who squat less than you do, just buy these, wrap up, and do work!

  1. Plenty of bang for your buck

    Posted by Jason McKinney on 28th Nov 2014

    Gold's Gym Knee Wraps -

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    are lightweight and flexible, allowing you to have a full range of motion during ...

    I have to say these wraps are incredible, they give a ton of rebound out of the hole and still give a great amount of support. Even when casted these wraps will not make it super uncomfortable when squatting down into the hole, they feel great and give plenty of carry over when squatting. Very pleased with my purchase and I'd definitely recommend these wraps to anyone who is looking to nail some good PR's. Can't wait to see what kind of numbers I hit using these wraps in my next competition!

  2. Awesome wraps

    Posted by Manuel Canizales on 20th Mar 2014

    These wraps are great. Very rigid and effective and provide great support. Hit a new PR with them the first time using them and the weight felt extremely easy! Very happy with this purchase. Definitely recommend this product!!!

    Powerlifting Knee Wraps: Strength Training | eBay

    Why buy from Unleashed Muscle Development? Knee wraps are a great
    accessory for bodybuilders, power lifters or just the average gym junkie.

  3. don't let the soft feel fool you.

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Mar 2014

    awesome wrap provides excellent support and don't kill your legs prior to the squat, rebound is unreal out of the hole. highly recommend.

  4. 2.5M Rhino wrap

    Posted by TJ on 29th Aug 2013

    This was my first 2.5M wrap. It took a little adjusting since I'm used to a 3M. After my first squat session I've gotten used to them and they feel awesome! I get a lot better pop out of the hole and they are crazy comfortable!

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  5. Rhino 2.5M Knee Wraps ROCK!

    Posted by Mike Wallace on 19th Aug 2013

    Wraps and Accessories - Knee Wraps - Pullum Sports

    £99.00. Buy ... Knee wraps need to offer 3 things, adhesion, tightness and power.
    Using the wrong kind of knee wrap can lead to slip while squatting. Another ...

    Just got the chance to use my 2.5 M knee wraps for the first time, last week. I literally BLEW past my PR and added an additional 15lbs. above what I had originally planned to lift. The power coming out of the bottom was really impressive! These are truly a quality product. What a confidence builder!!

  6. Incredible rebound!

    Posted by Peter Tovak on 26th May 2013

    My previous wraps gave me about 45 lbs. I tried a pair of the rhino knee wraps from a friend and got 65 lbs first time. You can tell these are high quality wraps. I would highly recommend.

  7. Wraps I will always use

    Posted by Malcolm Smith on 12th Jun 2012

    I got my knee wraps and wrist wraps christmas last year. I was using the Mamba II black knee wraps and the convict wrist wraps. From the very 1st day I put my knee wraps on and did my squat training, I said these wraps are the bomb and will not use any other wrap out there. When you get a tight wrap on them they don't dig into the back of your knee which is a plus for me. I hit my all time RAW Squat PR of a 605 wearing the Rhino knee wraps. Wrist wraps no complaints, strong and durable. Rhino will always have my business and I also tell everyone I lift with are train with how good the wraps are.

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  8. PR guaranteed

    I have been using Rhino kneewraps in my preparation for the Icelandic powerlifting nationals. They are by far the best wraps that I have used to date. Great rebound out of the hole. They will for sure be a part of my arsenal in reaching my goal of squatting 800 pounds in 2012.

    Where to buy knee wraps for squats? - Wannabebig

    Does Sports Authority sell them? Or do I have to buy them online?

  9. Best wraps that you can buy.

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Feb 2012

    After using several wraps from Inzer and being stuck at my two rep max for months. I then purchased these wraps the day I wrapped up with them I hit a new P.R. They help in the hole better than any wrap I have ever experienced. Unlike other wraps these form to your knees, sucking into them forming a comfortable sturdy cast like feel. I can honestly say after using these I won't be going back to my old ones are moving to any others!

  10. Best wraps i've ever used

    Posted by Howard Myers on 21st Dec 2011

    I'm a master lifter, 66 and set the World Record for the squat at 485 for my age and weight class (220, weighing 201) at the IPL World's in Vegas, using Rhino wraps. I bought a pair after the Nationals and didn't use them until 3 weeks out. I had been a black Metal user for a long time, but willl never go back to them. I couldn't believe how smooth they wrap, and the spring I got out of the hole. They also tend to "suck" into your knees once you wrap up, and with no real pain you get from other wraps. The most comfortable, easy to use wraps ever. I'm a definite convert!

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RHINO 2.5 M Knee Wraps - Iron Rebel, Inc.

No problem. RHINO knee wraps are made from a dense and textured fabric that
ensures a solid grip on the material. ... Best wraps that you can buy. Posted by ...

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