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Hi Hugi,

I have experience working for a company that manages supermarkets and during that time I met a lot of supermarket owners.

The key issues that were highlighted to me were ones of controls and procedures. The successful supermarket owners had everything accounted for - from staff inductions to waste control (store wide) to back office support. If you buy an IGA franchise you get a lot of help with the procedure documentation - but they don't necessarily help you implement them and monitor them - this comes down to the store owner. There is also a lot more to running a supermarket business than just the department inside - such as marketing, POS maintenance, IT Issues, staffing, accounting/bookkeeping, rep meetings.....the list goes on.

Also as with all retail the hours are long and unless you are successful and can afford a management team those management hours always fall into the owners lap.

I hope the above is of some assistance.

John Whale CA

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Hi all....having worked in the industry for 16 years im just exploring the possibilty
of purchasing my own supermarket such as a iga or ...

thanks for your feedback

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