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Preparing for 6.0: Guide to Removed Mounts, Pets, Transmog Gear, Titles, Achievements


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Comment by worgen3284

on 2014/08/28 13:04:08

i hope the ptr will be there soon

Comment by Havsoga

on 2014/08/28 13:08:26

Great post! But still no word on when 6.0 launches in other words...

Unlock gear from Challenger Wuli? - Forums - World of Warcraft ...

You obtain the gear by doing challenge mode runs. I'm not ... You can get your
reward at Challenger Wuli (shrine of two moons). #5. 03/04/ ...

Comment by CalaelenDT

on 2014/08/28 13:11:35

Blizzard has stated that anyone who has completed Challenge Conqueror: Silver on at least one character will be rewarded all 4 mounts when 6.0 hits (Link to Blizzard post)

Comment by Rrizzo

on 2014/08/28 13:11:45

Small correction regarding Phoenix amount rewards:

According to

"Silver: The Pandaren Phoenix mounts awarded for a full set of Silver medals will become account-wide. If any character on an account has earned a full set of Silver medals, all four variants of the Pandaren Phoenix (Crimson, Ashen, Violet, and Emerald) will become available to all characters account-wide."

So if ONE of your toons has a full set of silver medals, as of 6.0 all of your toons will have access to all four Phoenix mounts.

Comment by perculia

on 2014/08/28 13:13:40

Thanks, we've clarified that and the wording on another CM part. Currently they are not account-wide on the beta after character copy, so I went by that instead.

Comment by gimolos

on 2014/08/28 13:13:52


Challenger Wuli - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft

Challenger Wuli is a pandaren quest giver and armor vendor found at the Shrine
of Two Moons in the ... Players need gold ranking in order to purchase armor.

Comment by jglonek

on 2014/08/28 13:15:35

That is GREAT news about the heirloom gear. My guild is slowly getting back into raiding, we are going to start with the earlier Mists raids. I think we'll be in good shape to attack SoO in 6.0.

I'm assuming 6.0 is 10/14 or thereabouts right? One month before, like always.

Comment by Boldtitan

on 2014/08/28 13:15:58

Are we sure this is for 6.0 and not for when the expansion comes out?

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor News - Thottbot

18 Sep 2014 ... We thought it would be a fitting time to preview the rewards you get from .... right
now to check your gear out in Challenge Modes to get those Mists of ... they
misplace theirs, from Challenger Soong or Challenger Wuli in the ...

Comment by perculia

on 2014/08/28 13:18:27

Yes. This isn't up for debate, I've linked multiple blue posts talking about changes coming in 6.0 and confirmed with a dev about the one change I was unsure about. There is always a systems pre-patch a month or so before an expansion hits.

Rewards - wow-challenger

You will also get 10 achievement points for each challenge. ... you can buy it
back from Challenger Soong or Challenger Wuli just below ... Gear visual effects

Comment by DaltonImperial

on 2014/08/28 13:34:56

Any idea when the pre launch event will begin?

Challenge Conqueror: Gold rewards, and purchasing extra gear for ...

... Gold achievement, to purchase extra pieces of gear from Challenger Soong/
Wuli on an alt, without having to repeat the challenge entirely.

Comment by perculia

on 2014/08/28 13:36:38

Not yet, the PTR isn't up yet and it looks like the Blasted Lands quests are in flux on beta. We'll get a post up specifically dedicated to the pre-launch event when we know more.

Challenger Wuli - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft

30 Jul 2014 ... Challenger Wuli is a pandaren daily heroic quest giver located at the Shrine ...
He also sells class specific armor sets. ... Get your Free Account!

Comment by KIT2142

on 2014/08/28 13:37:41

Don't have 140k gold to complete challenge mode(

[MOP] Ragnaros Challenger Wuli - Monster WoW Forum

[MOP] Ragnaros Challenger Wuli [HORDE] vendor bug? - posted in Q/A ...
Whenever Im trying to buy Monk's Challenger Gear its unavailable.

Comment by TomStrong

on 2014/08/28 13:45:15

Since the heirloom weapon is 100% chance to drop after 6.0, but before Warlords, is this only in Flex/Normal/etc. or will they drop in LFR as well?

Comment by AwenMoonshine

on 2014/08/28 13:45:58

It says that Valor Points are being removed and I followed the link relating to this but it didn't have any mention of the Wrathion quest to earn 3000 Valor Points as part of the legendary cloak questline, So I was wondering what is going to happen to that?

Comment by Berl

on 2014/08/28 13:47:11

Is the 6.0 reference to the launch of warlords or the systems pre patch. Ive seen blue posts regarding that the kor'kron juggernaut is still a guaranteed drop in mythic level 90 siege and only going to be a rare drop once the expansion actually hits. In other words Is blizzard changing the drop rate of the kor'kron juggernaught while siege is still max level content or is there a misinterpretation here?

Challenger Wuli - NPCs - World of Warcraft - WoWDB

Challenger Wuli. Quick Info. Added in Patch 5.0.1; Forum link; Modelviewer
Forum link; Wowhead link; View in 3D; Health: 11.5k - 394k; Mana: 1; Reaction: A
H ...

Comment by jaeryk

on 2014/08/28 13:49:51

So with valor going away, will it be converted to gold, or just lost?

Challenger Wuli <Challenge Dungeons> - Forums - World of Warcraft ...

Okay, i just got to lvl 90 and that guy Challenger Wuli at Shrine of ... What do you
have to do in order to purchase that transmog gear from him?

Comment by perculia

on 2014/08/28 13:52:09

I've reached out to devs for clarification on what's going on with a Test of Valor, in response to them saying that Valor Points are gone in 6.0. Also clarified the heroic Garrosh mount, it's just the normal going away in 6.0. I've moved the Heroic one to the "keep this in mind for the future" section, since it will be harder to get eventually.

Comment by elonoil

on 2014/08/28 13:53:10

Comment by perculia

on 2014/08/28 13:57:23

That's a great point about the UBRS recipe and since Blizzard seems to have made an effort to include UBRS transmog looks in the new version, I would tweet @olandgren or @nite_moogle about recipes you're concerned about. Or I can roundup recipe concerns here and email them in a few days.

Comment by thatfieryguy

on 2014/08/28 13:57:50

Any news on the rest of BRS? Considering both upper and lower BRS are in the same instance, I was wondering how lower blackrock spire will be affected

Challenger Wuli - NPC - World of Warcraft - Wowhead

Challenger Wuli is a level 90 NPC. ... Challenger Wuli <Challenge Dungeons>.
This NPC can be found in Vale of Eternal ... Plate Armor, 100. Treads of the Lich ...



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