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I wanted for a long time to have a makeup workshop, but just because you feel like talking doesn't mean people feel like listening. And seriously, I am always talking. For years though, my friends have been asking me tons of questions about makeup.
"What foundation should I buy?"
"Where should I buy eyeshadow?"
 "How do I use an eyelash curler?"
 I finally found the right location and the right time and held my first workshop.

 I had a blast and judging from the laughter and the tears of everyone there, they had a blast too.

I tried to cover all the things I remembered I wanted to know.

What people wanted was to have the world of makeup boiled down to simple, easy to understand steps  and of course with solutions for our climate and items that can be found in our market.
Well I had a major challenge. Almost my entire kit came from "over 'n away" and you know why . Not only is availability a problem but  as a mere consumer I don't understand the challenges which face the average retailer. I cannot see how a product which is sold for US$1 can be brought to Barbados and retailed here for BDS$9-$12 .I also don't understand how something bought for US$3 retail is sold here for BDS$25. So as a makeup lover who must beautify on a budget, I choose to purchase elsewhere.

So for the most part I offered information about where my favourite items could be purchased online, how they could be sourced through makeup suppliers in Barbados and where in Barbados you could find a cheaper alternative to those makeup must-haves. We also covered makeup application techniques, selecting  foundation and a slew of tips and tricks from how to get your eyeshadow to last, to how to keep lipstick off your teeth.

 Explaining some of the basics with hands on hips like the school teacher I am :-)

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Showing how to apply powder using the brush or cosmetic sponges 

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Look people are actually taking notes!!!!!!!!!! lookah me !!!!!!!!!!

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Model Sade After

I honestly felt "fussy". The oohs and aaaaahs that come after someone finally understands something were gratifying and knowing that I could help persons to make informed purchases was great.

And of course I had giveaways. Each person received a gift bag with discount vouchers from N2N  and Platinum Touch, an eyeshadow pallette and at the end thanks to an idea from the O2B2 tour Barbados, we had giveaways of 30 different makeup products from Black Opal lip colours and mineralize shadows, to MAC pigments, vouchers for makeup from Beauty Essentials and lots of mascaras, glosses and shadows to supplement the gift bags.

"Heyy that's my ticket I won!!"

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learning how to wield a mascara wand at the knee of someone with more
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good ... all the way down, without stopping to pick anything up the first time.

 Mother and Daughter eyeing their winnings

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BB cream if you have the patience to buy it online overseas.

Finally a basket of goods with things women actually want !!!!

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Our grand prizes were  my favourite makeup DVD the Basics of Beauty by Mr. Sam Fine and a Royal & Langnickel 12 piece brush roll.

Makeup for first time users! (Beginners) - YouTube

The lucky winners

Buying Makeup for Beginners - YouTube

I want to thank everyone who contributed to the class's massive success. At one point I had one room full of clients and in the other a room full of workers, sorting gift bags, helping with refreshment and just being there to support.

Special thanks to
Gregory Broomes
Alexis Gonsalves
Allison Whittaker
Sherry Bradshaw
Ann Clarke (Assistant MUA :-)
Lorreto Duffy-Mayers
Anita Holder

Platinum Touch
Beauty Essentials
Black Opal Cosmetics

Anyone who knows me knows  I can be a bit greedy.. so next time there will be more ...... More giveways .. More fun..... More Fabulousness and More  Next2Natural.

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