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New Subscriber: What should I buy with my cartel coins!

Like others have said, max out rocket boost and quick travel first. Less time traveling = more time leveling. Don't bother buying a cartel pack trying to fish for a mount. Odds are heavily against you, and you most likely wont get anything of value in it. If you are deadset on getting a mount with CC I believe that there is a pack that comes with rocket boost, speeder piloting and a speeder, I don't remember what it's called but could be worth looking into.

As a general rule, I don't like buying any boosts from the cartel market. You can buy any of those boosts off of the auction house, and most are fairly inexpensive. As a subscriber you're going to be awarded a ton of XP boosts for completing certain quests anyway so you shouldn't have to buy many.

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In the future, I'd plan on buying as many of the upgrades as you find desirable that apply to your legacy as opposed to your character, such as the ship unlocks. Having a mailbox, vendor, and GTN terminal in your ship on your main and any alt you roll in the future was easily worth the cost. The target dummy is nice too, even if you're a lowbie/don't raid/don't care about dps it's still handy to have something to attack to learn/practice your rotation.

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Hi Mr Tan, I have seen a lot of ads recently on the issuance of DBS Preference Shares with a dividend rate of 4.7% (emphasised in huge fonts).

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