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New gun oil and taurus 24 7 pro cleaning.

A question to seniors. Is there a naturally extracted/ milled oil which in its pure form would be free from additives and chemicals and would not hurt the rubber and polymer as much as the formulated cleaners (such as WD 40) and would be equally good on lubrication

Balistol is exceptional if you can get it. Can be used on everything from plastic to wood to leather, and it's safe enough to eat, plus it cleans and lubricates in one step. Having tried just about everything from MilComm and Militec to WD40 and Mobil1, I only keep 3 cleaning/lube agents now. I use Balistol for everything and on everything, Hoppes solvent for stubborn fouling, and lithium grease for when I need extra lube. Break Free CLP (clean lube protect) is also a great all in one, used a lot by military and police depts. I also came across a very good dry lube by Hornady, which is perfect if you operate in a dirty, sandy or dusty environment, or if you just don't like oil dripping all over the place. Anyways, give them a try, and let us know what you think.

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i'd say send it to Taurus and make them fix it. ... Looking through the parts catalog
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