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List of Ways to Buy a Van RV, Caravan or Motor Home for USA Road Trips

List of Ways to Buy a Van RV, Caravan or Motor Home for USA Road Trips

This is a brainstorming page, I am trying to collect all the best ideas on how to buy a vehicle quickly for a USA road trip.

Toyota convert van

I am presently in the Dominican Republic and want to fly to the USA, buy a Van or Motorhome quickly. The faster I buy, the less money I will pay for lodging, when I have the van, I will sleep in it.

It is probably cost effective to rent a car for a day or two until I find a van to buy. One idea is to rent a van, if that is possible, and sleep in the van while I try to buy one, and avoid renting a room.

Note, I checked out the prices to rent a wreck VAN online, it is 79 USD, this is crazy. All in all it appears my best option is to rent a small car with Enterprise for 31 USD per day.

List of ideas of ways of buying a van in the USA.

1. Used car lots, the non buy here, pay here.

how to (or not) buy a caravan. | eBay

A buyers guide to buying a caravan This is a short story about our search for a
cheap (1500 budget) touring caravan Everything started so well.. we had owned

2. Used car lots, buy here, pay here.

Choosing a used Caravan - The Camping and Caravanning Club

Most of us would like to be able to buy something brand new, but often our
budget for a major purchase such as a caravan will not stretch that far.

3. Dealership wholesale auctions

Thinking of buying a second-hand caravan? - The Caravan Club

And, if you've no experience of buying second-hand caravans, things like “What
type of caravan should I buy?” and “How old should it be?” may seem like ...

4. Private sale by person

5. Driving around in a neighborhood looking for cars sitting in front of homes for sale by owners.

6. Small for sale by owner papers you buy in conveniences stores, where the owners advertise for free, and the consumer buys.

7. University auctions of surplus vehicles.


Top 10 Tips for Buying a Used Caravan | Preloved

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great buy on Preloved!


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buying your own caravan is a great option. But when you look at the size and
extent ...

10. Newspaper Classifieds

11. Classifieds online


13. Bulletin Boards in Super Markets

14. Used Auto Parts

15. Auto Parts Stores

16. U-haul, try to buy used cargo van.

Thinking of buying a touring caravan? - The Caravan Club

Considering buying a touring caravan is quite a big step, with a commitment to
invest a fair amount of money. And, if you've no experience of caravans, things ...

17. FedEx, or UPS, try to buy used van.

18. Drive around in Industrial areas looking for cargo van parked for sale.


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Does Indiana have State Surplus sales?

N.C. sells about 30 cars a week at auction.

I do not know if Indiana has surplus, but I would think yes. I need to make a decision on where to enter the USA. The cost to fly to Florida is 230 USA, while Texas, Arizona and California is closer to 400. I must think where to start also, and in a way everything points at Tampa, Florida. Not as expensive as Orlando or Miami, but probably has a lot of extra vans left from retired people to buy. Therefore, I am trying to find the Florida Surpplus sales office...,

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Perhaps this is the Elephant in the Room ... fuel costs. AAA has an excellent Online gasoline cost calculator to determine how light your wallet will be by the time you get someplace you´re driving to:

Inputting a 2000 VW Eurovan Camper vehicle, the gas cost from Tampa, FL to Indianapolis, IN (989 mi/1592 km) is $267.91. Then the difference between $400 and $230 is $170 in savings (gas alone). That´s probably a 2 day drive. So, choosing Tampa you could collect each State´s decal from Truckstops for your car window, save $170 and have a 2-Day roadtrip. You do have tools and a workspace up in Indiana, but buying tools, food and lodging in Tampa would likely eat up that extra $170 aviation seat charge. A WASH, or am I missing something?

I don´t want to rain on your parade but it´s just that I hate to do heavy lifting and I think this way. I buy closer to home so I don´t have so tomething carry. Things are Things but I´m just a meat machine. "Your mileage may vary".

I really needed a new engine for my car but all the quotes I was getting were way out of my budget. I looked one evening when I drove past Joliet U-Pull-It’s sign board… I was able to buy a good engine at a great price! I’ll definitely be checking them out again for my spare part needs, plus they have a website! Here’s a link if you’re looking for car parts like I was

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