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Kindle ebooks bought from Canada no problems

Posted on Sep 29, 2011 3:30:00 PM PDT

It probably depends on your bank - what sort of AVS code the system receives.

The AVS system queries the issuing financial institution with a street address and ZIP (or postal) code. It then returns a letter code for humans to reference. 'Y' for example, means that both match. 'X' is an exact match (often used with ZIP+4). 'Z' means the ZIP or Postal codes match, but the street address did not. 'N' is a no match, and so on.

Canadian banks usually provided a 'G' code, which just means, 'Non-US Card.' Some of them always provide 'N' codes, as either their integration isn't properly configured or they have an interpretation of the various privacy laws that doesn't permit automated verification.

Very few Canadian banks were fully integrated into the AVS system to the point where we could get the codes we preferred to get.

Each merchant who uses AVS has their own set of policies. It may be that Amazon's system is set up to flag and bounce certain AVS responses. The system I worked in had a whole chain of automatic filters that kept us from seeing too many non-fraudulent orders. It would wave through all transactions under $10, for example. X codes under $800 were waved through if billing and shipping matched, and so on.


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