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How to Have Karaoke in Your Home


  • 1. How to Have Karaoke in Your Home Lots of people like singing which makes karaoke an ideal entertainment option for them. There are several places where you might have enjoyed karaoke such as a bar, club, private party, or wedding celebration.. The KJ probably had a large collection of songs to pick from and a good sounding PA audio system. They would have utilized a karaoke player with discs or perhaps a laptop computer and karaoke music files stored on a hard drive. A growing amount of people are spending money on a home karaoke system. There are not many things more fitting for energizing a social function. By amusing yourself at home rather than going out and paying exorbitant drink prices you can save a substantial amount of cash. An additional benefit to owning a karaoke system is the ability to practice songs before performing them in public. It might be an all-in-one boombox kind of karaoke systems that you picture when you contemplate a karaoke system for your home. Even though these are surely for some situations, and come in various dimensions, power ranges, and ranges, they do offer limited options and can't be regarded as a "professional" karaoke setup. The first thing you have to decide on is which kind of player you will opt for. The choices consist of a karaoke disc player, a hard drive karaoke machine, or a laptop computer with a software program as the player, or a hard drive karaoke machine. There are ups and downs to each. A multi-format karaoke disc player is the most economical choice. These will play DVD and CD+G karaoke discs and have features like digital key change and single play A few may include a "vocal reducer" feature that reduces the lead singer's vocals on some standard audio CD song tracks. The big downside to this player is needing to manipulate, maintain, and store, discs. The hard drive karaoke players support playing karaoke discs but their primary objective is to do away with the necessity of the discs by letting you transfer the song tracks to an internal hard drive. This is done entirely by the machine using its built in disc drive. Some of these players allow input from USB devices. Among professional karaoke KJ's a laptop computer with software is becoming more and more popular. As well as circumventing the nuisance of manipulating and storing discs the karaoke hosting software includes features not found on a karaoke disc or hard drive player. These features include automatic singer rotation, singer history, next singer display, song search by title or artist, and ambient music. The sort of player you decide on has no bearing on the sound system. The essential components are an amplifier and sound mixer (or powered mixer), PA speakers, and
  • 2. microphones. For saving space and ease of set up a powered mixer is the better choice for a home karaoke system. These are available in a variety of sizes, power ranges, and prices. A powered mixer with a total power output rating of over 600 watts, with at least 6 channels, will work great for a home setup. A few popular brand names are Behringer, Mackie, and Yamaha. PA speakers are the items that differentiate a karaoke sound system from a powerful stereo system. Although high power handling home stereo speakers function well with recorded music they cannot handle the karaoke live vocals. Opt for a pair of 2-way or 3-way PA speakers with a combined program power handling rating that is about half the total output rating of your powered mixer or amplifier. I suggest no smaller than a 12" woofer. Select better quality microphones. AKG and Shure offer some fine wired microphones for below $100.00. Some good wireless microphone brand names are Acesonic, AKG, Audio 2000, RSQ, and Shure. The only real distinction between similar quality wired and wireless microphones is the wire (cable). Practically any television can be used to show the karaoke. The way you connect to the TV hinges on the video output options of your selected player. many karaoke disc players and hard drive machines output composite video from a single RCA connection. A TV with a composite video input and be connected with a single RCA cable. Otherwise you can use an RF modulator to convert the signal to VHF with coaxial output that is supported by virtually all TVs. Most notebook computers will provide s-video out. This can be connected directly to any TV with an s-video input. An RF modulator can also be used to convert the s-video to VHF. The karaoke song library can certainly turn into the most costly element of your system. Karaoke discs cost more than standard audio CD's and some of them include just 9 songs. CD+G is the most widely used karaoke format and by far the largest number of song titles are found on CD+G discs. In fact, I propose that you not worry about any other format of karaoke disc. All karaoke disc players play CD+G discs and the hard drive machines will rip the songs from them. There is software that will rip the songs from CD+G discs to a compressed format that is used by karaoke hosting software. You will have to get a little innovative to build your karaoke music collection as economically as possible. Buying used karaoke discs from eBay or other auction sites is a great place to begin. You can start out with a good selection of popular songs with the disc "bundle deals" like Chartbuster Essentials and the Sound Choice Foundation and Brick series.
  • 3. There are sites that offer songs as individual downloads which allows you to purchase only the songs you want instead of buying an entire disc to get only one or two. There are applications available for creating CD+G discs from these downloads if needed. There are assorted cables you will need to assemble the karaoke system. The exact cables needed will depend on the kind of elements you chose and the setup area. I believe you are going to find that wiring everything together is simpler than you may have first imagined. Much less involved than installing a DVD player and surround sound stereo in my opinion. home karaoke


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