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How to Buy Rims for Tires

How to Buy Rims for Tires

By Rick Geissler, eHow Presenter

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Learn about tire rims when selecting new tires with expert automotive tips in this free online auto repair and car maintenance video clip.

Find the right wheels and rims for your vehicle - Canadian Tire

Get the right wheels and rims for your car, truck or SUV. Canadian Tire has a
wide variety of alloy, chrome and steel wheels and rims to choose from.

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Video Transcript

Coming to you from A & R Tire, talking about how to buy tires. When you're talking about tires and rim packages, a lot of the customers we're seeing in the touring market and the SUV market, a lot of customers are going plus 1, plus 2, plus 3 applications. The positives to that are always stability and handling. If you didn't shorten that sidewall up, it stiffens up that sidewall and gives you less sidewall flex, giving you better handling and stability. The negatives are: sidewall's creature feature. Sidewall is cushion. You lower that cushion, lowering that side--the sidewall, you're going to feel a little bit rougher ride. And that's maybe a trade-off for some people. Some people would prefer the comfort and a quiet ride, others would prefer the performance aspect of it. Our packages start out--our 17-inch tire wheel packages start out about $695. But you can spend up to, we've got a set of wheels going on a 2007 Bently Continental GT tomorrow, that package is $9,800. So it really depends on what application, what the customer is looking for, are they looking for Chinese import, are they looking for a premium three-piece, high-end forge wheels, what the customer is wanting to buy. You can, basically, take your vehicles--customer's vehicle, and when you're talking about premium product, get them the premium tire and wheel package for about 10% of the price they'll get.


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