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How to Buy Converse Shoes

How to Buy Converse Shoes

The Converse brand is well known for its classic line of shoes, most of which are marketed and worn by athletes. From tennis stars to basketball stars to stars of the skateboarding world, Converse has been there and done that. As a result of decades of popular styles and big sales, Converse shoes are in demand by people all over the world who want new shoes, old shoes, and shoes designed for superstar athletes. Buying these shoes is a simple, straightforward process when the shopper knows what he or she is looking for; but many people are overwhelmed with the wide selection and array of retailers, both online and offline. Whether shopping on eBay or at a retail location, people can save themselves time and money by following a few simple steps.

Converse Shoes: A Simple Buyer's Guide

Step One: Choose a Style

There are dozens of Converse special styles available, both invintage and new models. For the long-time Converse aficionados, vintage is the way to go. For others, brand new shoes are more attractive. In either case, shoppers should know whether they are looking forhigh-top Converse shoes or low-top models, as this is the biggest difference between styles. Newer models are generally flatter, lower, and wider than older models, with or without the foldable high top.

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Step Two: Choose a Vendor

Not every vendor, online or otherwise, can stock every single model of Converse shoes. This means that once a buyer chooses his or her favorite style, they must choose a vendor who has the right selection in stock. For rare shoe styles, it can be tempting to buy the first pair on offer, but buyers should always check prices with other vendors before putting any money on the table. On eBay, for example, there are countless sellers with Converse shoes available; simply buying the first pair could mean the buyer loses out on a good deal from someone else. Looking for vendors with lower shipping rates is also important, so buyers can save money.

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Step Three: Negotiate a Deal

This step is not always necessary, but it is a good idea nevertheless. In the case that a buyer may consider buying more than one pair of Converse shoes - in various colors, for example - negotiating with the vendor is ideal. Often, one will be able to find a cheaper rate for more pairs of shoes than if he or she purchased them pair by pair through separate transactions. It never hurts to ask, unless specifically told not to on the vendor's page or brochure. If buying sight unseen, the purchaser should make sure that the vendor will accept returns.

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Step Four: Buy and Inspect

Purchasing a pair of Converse shoes in person at a retail shop requires no additional steps. If, however a pair of shoes are purchased online through eBay or an unaffiliated vendor, they will need to be inspected once they arrive in the mail. This step is especially important for vintage Converse shoes and used pairs , so that the buyer gets his or her money's worth. If a defect is found, it should be noted and sent back for a refund or a replacement pair of shoes.

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Wear and Care for Converse Shoes

Used shoes are often missing laces, or they are laced with fraying and old laces that need to be replaced. To keep a used pair of shoes looking and functioning their best, new laces are a good start. If the shoes have broken soles or fabric, they are probably not worth the purchase. Although Converse shoes are quite tough, they do not last forever, especially when they are frequently worn in dirt, gravel, and other abrasive environments. Athletic Converse shoes can certainly be worn at the gym or at the track. However, skateboarding shoes should not be expected to hold up to repeated track activity.

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These shoes should be worn with socks to avoid repeated moisture from sweat. When washing, the shoes should be completely unlaced and submerged in lukewarm water. A toothbrush can be used to scrub stains off the rubber soles, and a soapy washcloth will gently scrub dirt off the fabric. They should be air-dried, as a dryer can fade the prints and yellow the rubber on the shoes. Once washed, the shoes should be allowed to dry for at least two days, so that the inner sole is completely dry before wear. Laces should also be hand-washed to avoid fraying.

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