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How to buy a Panama hat in Ecuador

  • Sounds like a pretty good deal :-) I fell in love with quite a few Panama hats during my time in Ecuador, but of course they were all out of my price range. My favorite travel item is authentic artwork. I always squeeze a little extra room in my budget for it, especially if it’s a hand painted scene of somewhere I’m currently traveling. Of course, determining if it’s authentic or not is another question…

    • Hi Casey,

      That’s a great idea! Once I was able to buy a painting in Guatemala and I still treasure it. :)

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  • I have one and love it, though sadly it was not purchased in Panama!

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    • I wish I had one too! Randy got one and I contemplated it, should’ve gone for it!

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  • Randy,
    I picked up my Panamanian hat in Chordeleg, Educador, right outside of Cuenca. They had some really great, tightly woven hats there, I love it and wear it in hotter climates on my travels.

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  • My sweet hubby Mark and have been traveling full-time for 6 years, half of that on a sailboat on the Mexican coast. We have picked up some awesome hats along the way, and hat shopping has been a highlight in various coastal towns. Our daily hats are simple straw hats with brightly colored touristy bands around them. It’s the hat hanging off my neck in my photo here!!

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    But the best Mexican hats we have are our two “lampshades” that we picked up in Ensenada. These are the ultimate hats for keeping your face and entire body shaded. But it sure is hard to see anything when you where one — because the shape is truly a lampshade!!

  • Nice piece! We’ll definitely be on the look out for one of these in Ecuador, as my partner has something of a penchant for fancy hats. Now we know what to look for!

    • Randy’s been wearing his hat non-stop since he got it. Have fun in Ecuador and let us know if you need any tips. :) p.s. a little trip to the Equator is really fun!

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  • Loving the hat! I picked up a similar one in Japan 2 summers ago simply because it was SO hot I needed something to keep the heat off my face. In almost every picture I have from the trip I’m donning the hat;-)

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  • I was in Panama in 1995 but now in Canada, my soul still resides there. love it !!

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  • It was good to know the history of these famed Panama hats. I went to Nepal a few years back, and picked up a shawl from there. Back then it was completely because of the beauty of the shawl, but with the passage of time, I realized that though unaware of the truth, I made a wise decision.

  • This sounds very interesting to me. I have already planned my trip to Ecuador this weekend. I have heard that you can get customized hat within a few days from some workshop over there? Is it true? The plus point is this customized hat is shipped by them anywhere in the world. Normally, during my business trips, I am not very fussy about getting things during my travel. But hat is something which I can’t leave out. I have a huge interest in hats and quite fussy about the styling of hat. I am really looking forward to visit Ecuador. Thanks for such an amazing share, dude!

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  • I Have a good collection of caps & this hat is always special, Stylish & protective. I picked this hat when I was in China last year. Good post, thanks for sharing.

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  • Thats a brilliant story. I didn’t know they were rollable, Ive killed so many hats backpacking that I’ve always fancied one that I can throw in a bag and comes back out again unscathed.
    And for some reason panama hats always make me smile, is that just me?


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