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A drill press is a handy addition to any tool gear collection. The device is one of
the most ... How to Buy a Hammer Drill on eBay. Published by: eBay · How to ...

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Drill Presses - Capacity, Power and Application Explained at The ...

1 Oct 2013 ... This Home Depot buying guide helps you learn about capacity, power and ... Drill
presses allow you to drill holes in metal, wood and a variety of other ... is stroke,
or quill stroke, which determines how deep you can drill.

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Based on years of experience with machine tools, I would NOT buy an Asian
import drill press, even for a home shop. I am not sure how heavy ...

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The drill press was designed originally for the metalworking trades. However,
with the availability of cutting tools, jigs and attachments, the drill press is now
one ...

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A drill press provides power and accuracy you can't get drilling by hand. ... I'm
grateful to this article for guidance for purchasing my next drill press - especially ...

I've seen that kind of holder before and always wondered how hard it would be to made them. And you are just doing that.. nice. Laughing out loud

Its "Fivemega" design, right?

Similar in the fact that it's for 4/8/12 AA NiMHs.

Other than that, it's not similar at all. The ones made by Five Mega and (I think modcod), are well made machined holders, that have evolved into the best holders in the market. Holders that will last for years and can be counted on to work.

Power Drill Buying Guide - Lowe's

Corded and cordless power drills are an indispensable part of the modern
toolbox. ... Shop All Products. Ideas & How-Tos. Overview .... A drill press is an
essential tool for drilling precisely spaced holes or boring to exact depths. With
the right ...

The ones I THINK I'm going to make are hack jobs and I doubt I ever will really get them made. The first problem is that the holder needs to be made of plastic rod stock that is a larger diameter than is necessary, so it can be turned down to the exact diameter needed, in order to have some "meat" left in it.

What do you look for in a drill press? - by BTimmons ...

I'll be needing to add a drill press to my arsenal in the garage pretty soon. ... Are
there some things I should be on the lookout for if I buy one used off ... That's how
deep of a hole you can drill without having to move the table.

I do not have a lathe, so I am trying to use plastic rod stock that is a smaller diameter than the maglite, so it will not have near enough "meat" and will be inherently weak.

Five Mega also has the best design and I cannot/will not copy it completely. I don't feel that is right or fair, so I would have to do it "my way" and for this battery holder, my way is not the right way. I doubt I will ever get them completed. I will make one, but probably just end up putting it on the shelf. My concern is with the end user and I just don't want to sell a weak or wobbly hack job holder to anyone.

Like Don might say, I need more tape and dowels, but that is not something I want to sell to someone. I wouldn't want to sell a bad battery holder that I made. I did that once and I regret it.

What to Look For in a Drill Press | eBay

When purchasing a drill press, there are certain features that are better for certain
projects. Here are some things to look for when buying your own drill press.

I just don't have the bucks to sink into Five Mega holders for maglite builds. Hell if I went to CPF and bought all the stuff for making flashlights "the right way", I couldn't ever sell them. They would be $175+ a piece.

In the long run making "pretty hosts" works out best, then the buyer can build it themselves and they can either "do it right" or "hack job" it. Whichever way they want.

No matter what I will still get use out of the drill press. Every time I want to drill holes in a heat sink or in a maglite body, I will make use of the press, so it's still a good idea.

Drill Presses Buying Guide | eBay

A drill press is a handy addition to any tool gear collection. The device is one of
the most ... Purchasing a Drill Press on eBay. When consumers decide to ...



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Drill Press Buying Guide -

A drill press' function is so much more than simply drilling a hole into a piece of
wood. Knowing how to buy a drill press, like any portable power tools or cordless



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