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Emotiva Audio seems way too afordable to be true

Che Cavolo wrote:

This is from the Emotiva website:
All Emotiva products are designed and engineered at our facilities in Tennessee, and then manufactured in efficient factories worldwide. The majority of our products are made in China - just like an Apple速 computer. Our close relationships with our manufacturing partners result in an exceptional quality product, for a stunningly low price.

It is not specified on the website where the products are shipped from, so if shipped from China, that might add heavy to cost and should be inquired about before purchase. There was a forum about this and a few other products a couple days ago that got me interested enough to involve, there was I think four products mention and for sure 3/4 made in China. I have no slant or special opinion about it in general, it's just part of the world changing.

Emotiva Experience - Hardware Canucks

It seems that they are able to ship them from the States to Canada ... I'd like to buy
haha (cd player, dac, new processor coming soon, etc, etc).

The products are made in China (mostly) but they are shipped to Canada from their warehouse in Tennessee.

I have an XPA-5, XPA-2, UMC-1, and an XDA-1. All have performed very well, and were an enormous upgrade from a $2k HT receiver they replaced. Some pieces were shipped directly to Canada, and others I picked up across the border.

I mostly listen to 5.1 audio (DVDA, SACD, and bluray audio) and in this application they work fantastic. I am sure there are better amps available, but I can't bring myself to pay that much more.

There 5 year warranty is transferable. It is hard to find a better warranty.


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