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Eden Eternal is a fantasy MMORPG set in a lush, anime-inspired world where players are not limited to one class per character, but can freely switch between classes as they progress through the game.

On your journey you will meet a plethora of different races, including a variety of beastly races.Journey on and discover Who is friend and who is foe. Once you’ve forged alliances (and enemies), you can battle it out in Eden Eternal’s exciting and fast-paced PvE and PvP combat. Can you keep up?

Player Housing System - Eden Eternal Wiki - Aeria Games

10 Dec 2013 ... Guild Town : Forest Eden House Manager (Forest Eden: 113, 130) ... Players can
purchase a Banquet plan at their Inkeeper/House Manager, ...

Get social and be part of a guild to obtain various benefits for both you and your guildmates as you work together and even build your own town and customize your adventure the way you and your friends see fit!

Eden Eternal update bringing new class, player housing, and more ...

26 Sep 2011 ... Aeria Games announced in a press release today that Eden Eternal will be ... and
houses aren't enough for you, get this: You can throw parties!

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Unfortunately, there are no reviews for this game... Yet. fantasy-mmo-games-eden-eternal-harry-potter-screenshot

Eternal Blade Introduces Classes

Posted by: Cody Hargreaves on 23rd April 2012

Check out the final class line-up for this upcoming fantasy MMORPG.

Player Housing System -- Eden Eternal Forum -- MMORPG Forums ...

Eden Eternal provides you 15 classes from warrior to healer, but that's ... Banquet
plans can be bought from the House Manager; Parties have ...


Eden Eternal Free Item Pack Giveaway

Posted by: Cody Hargreaves on 20th April 2012

Claim your free item pack and get a headstart over other players!

Stay away from this game - General Discussion - Eden Eternal ...

17 Aug 2011 ... The only thing I COULD do was play the Auction House or get ... I will never stop,
I will always have spiders looking for Eden Eternal links to ...


Eden Eternal Content Update Now Live

Posted by: Cody Hargreaves on 22nd February 2012

New Ranger class added, level cap increased and new maps added to the popular free MMORPG.


Eden Eternal Sneak Preview; New Races Revealed

Posted by: Cody Hargreaves on 21st November 2011

Aeria Games releases a new video showcasing features from the upcoming content update.

Eden Eternal - Player Housing | Facebook

We can't wait for the new Eden Eternal content to be released! ... Housing in free
to play games are usually for timed buff furniture you buy from the cash shop.


New Eden Eternal Templar Class Coming Soon

Posted by: Cody Hargreaves on 7th October 2011

A new class comes to Eden Eternal

M.E.H. (My Ehrmygahd Home): Eden Eternal Town Guide [Aven]

12 Sep 2011 ... Here at the Auction House you can buy any item you want [depends on
availability] for you to sell items to others IT MUST BE ON A "BIND ON ...


New Eden Eternal Housing Customization Features

Posted by: Cody Hargreaves on 1st October 2011

Housing customization and all its rewards

How do i buy a house in eden eternal? - Yahoo Answers

Get that from the Auction... good luck!


Finding LGBT Friendly MMOs

Posted by: Mark Monaco on 5th June 2014

June is Pride Month so we're taking a look at some the most LGBT friendly MMOs and making a case that almost any MMO can be LGBT friendly.

Eden Eternal Housing System Revealed - YouTube

Unfortunately, there are no guides for this game... Yet.

Eden Eternal: Things To Know! - ggFTW

Buying Gear - Get to the Auction House in Aven asap and DON'T buy NPC gear.
Theres no real need to buy Aven gear, AH is usually cheaper.

Aeria releases Eden Eternal player housing video | Massively

1 Oct 2011 ... Eden Eternal's feature list just got a bit longer, as Aeria Games has ... Heck, who
knows how much it is to even get the housing to begin with.


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