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Display Items In Store Without Selling

Post Display Items In Store Without Selling I have seen a couple of people ask how others "sell" items in there shops but when you try to buy them it won't let you. So i made this guide to teach any new players how they do it. When you attempt to buy it it usually says inventory full.

1. You need to have around 1.92bil zen in your inventory. Try not to go lower or they will be able to buy your item.

2. Open your store and put your item in it for the price of 99,999,999.

3. Name your store something like "Mail Offer" or "tokens and Tc only". It helps other people from trying to trade items you don't need for your item.

4.(Optional) If you dont think that you are doing this correctly try having a friend you trust come and try to buy your item.

When they try to but it it will say "You have exceeded the amount of zen you can possess."

The reason why you need 1.92bil+ is because you aren't able to go over 2bill zen. Many people do this show the items they are selling. They wouldn't have to ask you to show them the item in server 4.Some people find it better than posting. I recommend opening it in Devias because more people are in Devias than Lorencia or noria etc....

This is my first guide and i hope it helps.

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