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    Hi everyone,
    as you know BTC-e is one of the most convenient exchanges around, but it has a major problem: to get money in and out you have to pay fees which eat your capital. I am one of those angry against those fees!!

    I am offering an easy way out for those who need money/want to capitalise on their coins!
    I can buy your BTC-e codes at 100% (you give a 100 USD code and I pay you 100 USD or the equivalent official equivalent in Eur or GBP).

    My interest is personal to get some money into btc-e without paying such high fees. And I am sure a lot of btc-e investors think the same and would like to get their money out easily without any fee or loss, hence this nice free exchange!

    I can offer payments via:
    - for EU/UK: EU and UK Bank transfer (in Eur / GBP) (for people in UK: i use FP, so you will get your money usually within minutes!)
    - for the rest of the world: Paypal friend (no fees involved)

    I have excellent professional references to back up myself

    If you have btc-e codes or want to take out part of your coin and bring the capital in the real world, this is your good chance

    exchange BTC-e code to Paypal -

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