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Ask Matt: Are Eastman Kodak shares a bankrupt bargain?

Q: Would you buy Eastman Kodak stock now that the share price is so low and the company might emerge from bankruptcy protection?

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A: Cheap shares of once-strong U.S. corporations now in bankruptcy protection can be so tempting. But don't fall for the trap.

Just bought 3500 shares of Kodak at 4 cents. Stupid? : investing

21 Aug 2013 ... I have some experience buying bankrupt stock. I've been lucky that I am ..... I think
you just pumped-and-dumped Kodak on Reddit. :). permalink.

Shares of once-vibrant companies such as General Motors, Kmart and Washington Mutual are all examples of companies that fell on hard times and subsequently saw their shares fall to pennies. Some investors, betting these companies had to come back, jumped in. But by doing that they lost just about everything they put in.

EKDKQ Message Board | Eastman Kodak Co. Stock - Yahoo! Finance

EASTMAN KODAK CO Message Board. Get Message Board for: ... As energy
shares tumble, opportunity lurks · U.S. crude down seven percent to May 2010
low ...

Some investors figure that companies that were as large and powerful as Eastman Kodak can't just vanish. And because of that, they think that when they see the shares trading for just 22 cents that they can't miss. But investors who assume this are missing a few key points that wind up resulting in huge losses and disappointment.

Ask Matt: Are Eastman Kodak shares a bankrupt bargain ...

24 Sep 2012 ... Q: Would you buy Eastman Kodak stock now that the share price is so low and
the company might emerge from bankruptcy protection?

When companies undergo bankruptcy restructuring, common stockholders are last in line for what's left of the remaining company. It's pretty common for the common shares to be delisted from a stock exchange and ultimately be moved to a lightly regulated marketplace. That's what's happened with Kodak shares. Some shareholders find getting out of these positions can be costly or troublesome.

KODK - News and Analysis - Eastman Kodak Co. | Seeking Alpha

... Kodak Co. (KODK) and its stock by hedge fund managers and industry experts.
... 1,804 people get KODK breaking news and analysis by email alert. Over 1.7 ...

Furthermore, most of the valuable parts of a company may be sold or carved out to satisfy debt obligations. Its pretty typical for ownership of a company to be transferred to the debt holders, who have claims on the company's assets ahead of common stockholders.

Kodak bankruptcy likely comes to end Tuesday - USA Today

3 Sep 2013 ... While the 273 million old shares of Kodak stock are gone, ... would take steps to
get its new stock listed on one of the major stock exchanges, ...

While GM eventually re-emerged as a public company, original investors lost practically everything.

Kodak stock is cheap to buy, but beware of risks | Democrat and ...

24 Jan 2012 ... Now in bankruptcy, buying Kodak shares is more a gamble than an investment,
according to financial professionals.

Can Kodak pull itself out? It's possible. The company plans to emerge from bankruptcy protection next year. But even if it does, that doesn't mean owners of the common shares will reap any benefit at all. In fact, if history is a guide, owners of Kodak shares will end up with little more than a capital loss.

Are Cheap Shares in Bankrupt Kodak a Good Investment? - PetaPixel

26 Sep 2012 ... Bankruptcy has not been friendly to Kodak. The once-important camera company
-- now a printing company -- is worth less than 20 cents a ...

An Investment Case Study of Eastman Kodak: How the Bankruptcy ...

6 Feb 2013 ... Ignoring the relatively small commission you would have owed, you would end
up with 3,728 shares. You have no intention of buying or selling ...


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